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      Frames can be nested, there can be a frameset inside a frame. This can be done in two ways. You can simply put a frameset tag inside the main frameset. You can also load a sub page in a frame, that contains a frameset of its own. Have a look at the diagram of the previous page. The sub frame can be either a just sub frameset, or a seperate page.

Show me! <FRAMESET COLS="150,*">
<FRAME SRC="navigation.html">
  <FRAMESET ROWS="50,*">
  <FRAME SRC="header.html">
  <FRAME SRC="page1.html" NAME="mainpage">

    You may wonder when to use which of the two solutions. That depends on what you want to do with them. If you just want to show a static navigation bar and header you can use the solution with the nested frameset. You want to switch the header part with for example sections in your menu. Then it may be easier to use sub pages with their own frame set. Since you cannot name framesets, you cannot target them either.

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