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  • Frames are created with FRAMESET tags. The frameset replaces the BODY part of a normal webpage.
  • The number and position of frames is set with the ROWS and COLS attributes. The size is specified in pixels or percentages separated by commas. An asterisk can be used to claim the remaining space. When the total specified size does not fit, the window will be compressed.
  • A frameset contains one or more normal webpages, defined with FRAME tags.
  • Framesets have thick borders, that can be set off by using the FRAMEBORDER, BORDER and FRAMESPACING attributes all set to zero.
  • Frames normally have a margin to their borders. This can be removed by adding the MARGINWIDTH and MARGINHEIGTH set to zero.
  • Scroll bars will appear in pages larger than their frame. They can be removed by setting the SCROLLING attribute to NO.
  • Links in one frame can address a page in another frame. The link needs to contain the TARGET attribute, the frames need to named with the NAME attribute. There are reserved names for special purposes.
  • Browsers that don't reckognize frames, can be served with an alternative page inside NOFRAMES tags.
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