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      The BODY tags enclose the actual web page. With this body tag you can however accomplish some other things. For example you can change the background of your web page. You have two options to do this. You can give your page a plain background color, or use an image which fills the entire background.
some text
some text

Background colors
    Most browsers use light gray as a standard background. Or you must have altered the original settings. To change this color you use the BGCOLOR attribute. Black text on a white background is the best legible.

some text
some text

   The color is easiest fixed with the description between quotation marks. The quotes are obligatory, otherwise you might get an entirely different color from the one you intended. Below is an overview of the sixteen colors which are standardized for current browsers.

Color names
  aqua   navy
  black   olive
  blue   purple
  fuchsia   red
  gray   silver
  green   teal
  lime   white
  maroon   yellow

Background images
    The background can also be filled with a tiled picture. You can use any image you want, as long as it is a JPEG or a GIF file. Beware of big pictures, it takes them a long time to load. Preferably use a small picture, 5000 bytes max. Also keep the page legible. The more colorful the page, the less readable your text will be. Sometimes you can counteract this effect by making the type face bold or a bit larger.

<BODY BACKGROUND="venetian.gif">
some text
some text

venetian This is the image used above. It is only 124 bytes in size and gives a nice 'venetian blind' effect. When using a background picture, be sure to always specify a background color too. Preferably close to the main color of the image you are using. The overall impression of your page will not change too much if someone does not load images in his browser.

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