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      With this page you've reached the end of this course. You now know the basics of HTML. That wasn't so hard, was it? If you can remember what you have learnt here, you can make a basic web site. You can publish your pages to the web. Basically you don't need to know more to make a web site.

    One final advice: test everything you make. Take care your HTML is absolutely flawless. Make sure all your links work. Make sure all pictures exist. Test your pages in different browsers. If it looks good in one browser, it may look like garbage in another. It is never right the first time. Don't put half finished sites on the web, you'll just annoy your visitors. Only after everything works locally from your harddisk, publish it to the web server. Keep testing and tweaking until everything works without a hitch.

Help promote this site
    If you liked this tutorial, then why don't you help me promote it. The best thing to do is to put up a link at your web site. A simple text link is enough, preferably at your home page, preferably to the top of the page. Why? Search engines rate sites by the amount of links referring to them. Just add the folowing code to your site.

<a href="http://www.weballey.net/">WEBalley</a>

Where to go from here
    HTML is a lot more complex than shown here. I would like to advise you to leave that for what it is. For now at least. Make a page with what you've learnt here. After that, make a site with a home page and some interconnected pages attached to it with hyperlinks. Practise what was taught here, till you know it in your sleep. You should know the stuff on these pages by heart. Then and only then you should go on delving deeper into HTML.
    If you are confident enough about basic HTML, why don't you give my TABLE tutorial a try. Why tables you might wonder? Well, tables are by far the most important tool for controlling the layout of web pages. Nearly all professional websites use them. Reason enough to give it a go yourself.

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