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      In HTML everything revolves around tags. A tag is a label, with something written on it, like the name tag on your suitcase. Having a toe tag is not a desirable state. You get one when you're lying in the morgue. An HTML tag works like a kind of switch. You switch something on or off in your browser.
    Tags are always put between a "less than" (<) and a "greater than" sign (>), also called angle brackets. Tags can be written in uppercase as well as lower case. It is probably wisest to always use uppercase, to make them stand out in your code. But in this you're free to do as you like, both work the same in your browser.
    Tags often come in pairs. An opening tag and a closing tag; an on and an off switch. The only difference here is the "forward slash" in the closing tag. NOTE: you will often forget this slash, making your page look sometimes very different from what you intended. The opening tag sets the switch to on, the closing tag turns it off again.
    Sometimes tags have one or more attributes. These supply extra information to your browser. Sometimes you can add data to an attribute. When putting a picture on a page, you would use an image tag. What picture is to be used, is specified in an attribute. You add a filename to this attribute. This last bit of information is always put between quotation marks. In short: a tag tells a browser WHAT to do, an attribute tells it HOW to do it.
<TAG ATTRIBUTE="...">...</TAG>
   Pay attention to the notation of tags. Put the "greater than" and "less than" characters in the right spot. Always put them directly next to the tag description without spaces. Don't use spaces in the attributes. When adding information to an attribute after the "equal" sign, put it between quotes. Tags always embrace each other. The pattern to be used is always like: <A><B></B></A>. When using a <A><B></A></B> pattern, things may go very wrong.
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