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      You can change the background color of your browser to whatever color you like. You can for example make it black. But then your also black text will be unreadable. You may have seen white text on a black background. How do you do this? With attributes of the BODY tag.
    The BGCOLOR attribute determines the background color. TEXT determines the text color, as LINK does to links and VLINK to visited links. ALINK shows the color of active links, while you are clicking on them. These attributes set the colors of the entire page. A nice combination is black with three primary colors.
<BODY BGCOLOR="black" TEXT="yellow" LINK="cyan" VLINK="fuchsia" ALINK="white">
    You can use any color you like. Keep however readability always in mind. Don't use too flashy colors. Watch out for too big or too small contrasts. Black text on white is the best. Or dark text on a light background. The colors you can use are the same as the background colors for your page.
    NOTE: you can only use these attributes to determine your whole page. You cannot use it for little parts of text or loose words. This will not work in all browsers, these attributes are not meant for that purpose. The tag to be used for this kind of coloring is the FONT tag, not further discussed in this tutorial.

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