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      Tables will only be rendered after the final </TABLE> tag is found. There might always be an extra row or cell that influences the layout. If there are images without size specifications, the table will only be rendered after the image size info is found in the image. So you had better always specify the image sizes, to save your visitors long loading times.
    Upcoming HTML standards will let you fix the table size in its header. But for now we will have to rely on another trick: splitting the tables. This site uses several tables on a page. The logo, top title bar, link bar are in the first table. The navigation and text parts are in the second table. On longer pages even the text is split up into several tables. The first table is sized in such a way it will fill up the screen.


    A bit more code, but the pages will load a lot faster. Or at least appear to load faster. The load time is actually a bit longer. But the browser can start rendering after the first table is loaded. So your visitors will have something to look at while waiting for the rest of the page to load. Most times they won't even notice they only see a part of the page.
    What they WILL notice is that your site will appear a lot more responsive. The most annoying thing about the web is that it is so slow. Often paraphrased as the World Wide Wait. Your visitors will really appreciate your efforts to make your site faster. I have had several e-mails mentioning this.

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