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Top : Programming : Javascript : Scripts

Popup Windows
    Popup windows can be customized to fit your liking. Width, height, placement, toolbars, menus can all be set according to your needs.

Three Strikes and You're Out
    Visitors have three chances to get their password right. Once they get it, they are allowed in. If not, access is denied.

Fading Rollover Effect
    We've all seen regular mouse rollover effects. Now here's a fading mouse rollover effect that's sure to catch lots of attention!

Igor's Puzzle II
    This puzzle game takes a beautiful scenary picture, cuts it into pieces, and then scrambles it up. You job is to put it back together.

Welcome to CGI-Network.net!
    The huge and quality collection of CGI scripts, written in Perl, PHP, JavaScript! Also free and custom programms written in ASP. There are books, tootorials, web resources and articles for each progra...

Rotating Pulldown Menu
    Want to have a drop-down menu automatically scroll new messages every few seconds? Well now you can.

Igor's Memory
    Enjoy a simple game of concentration. See how good your memory is.

Auto-Close Window
    Use this code to automatically close a window after a certain amount of time.

Special Member Pages
    Want to give different members access to different pages based on the password that they submit? This script will allow you to set this up in a snap.

Password Pro
    This script uses encryption authentication to decode your password. Once it determines it to be correct, you are sent to the correct member page. If incorrect, you are sent to a pre-defined page rather than receiving a 404 error from your browser.

Random Password Generator
    The best way to choose a good password is to have a program generate them randomly based on your requirements. With this script, you just tell it what length you desire and the style and it'll generate it for you.

Show Link Information
    This code allows you to put special messages/information when someone has their mouse cursor over a link.

Mouse-Over Link
    An interesting script that goes to a link when your mouse cursor goes over it. It can get annoying for your surfers rather quickly though.

    overLIB is a JavaScript library created to enhance websites with small popup information boxes (tooltips) to help visitors around your website.

Cookie Authentication Script
    Use this cookie javascript to keep visitors from viewing certain parts of your site if they don't have the correct cookie in their system. This cookie is given to them when they log in with the correct password. Then, when they are forwarded to the password protected page, the cookie allows them to stay. Those without the cookie are sent back.

HTMLjive Info - HTML Editor in Javascript

Classic Scroll With Date and Time
    This is just like the classic status scroll, except it adds the date and time information into the message.

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