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ODP - Open Directory Project (dmoz.org)
    The most comprehensive human-reviewed directory of the web.

Personal Pages (Dutch)

Gossamer Threads Links
    Listing of directories using the Gossamer Threads Links script.

Web Link Plaza
    Everything you need to promote a complete website found you here.

JimWORLD Top 1000 Submission Sites Directory
    We have hundreds of places listed here where you can submit your site and usually get it listed without trouble. Keep working at it until you start seeing results. Then work a little harder.

Search Engine List
    Miscellaneous search engines to submit your site to.

Helpware Sites Search Engine
    Helpware is a free directory or search engine of web sites that offer their assistance to anyone on the Web needing some assistance to make the best use of their Internet time.

Hyperseek Network
    Listing of directories using the Hyperseek links software

    Directory of thousands of directories and search engines.

OMG Search Engine Register
    Directory of search engines.

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