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RealGuestbooks Gratis gastenboek
    Altijd al een GRATIS gastenboek voor op je homepage willen hebben? Dan ben je bij RealGuestbooks aan het juiste adres! Na aanmelding dien je alleen enkele regels HTML-code aan je homepage toe te voegen...

    The premier place for FREE SITE ADD-ONS from the Lycos Network. Free guestbooks, polls, and other interactive add-ons for your site.

    guestbook.de is a service to the internet community that allows every owner of a homepage to easily add a guestbook to one's page. The guestbooks can be designed and customized in a great variety of ways without any programming knowledge.

    Gratis WEB Ún WAP gastenboeken voor je homepage (Dutch).

    Get a free guestbook for your homepage - installed in seconds - completely configurable

    The Easiest Free GuestBook for Any Website.

Free Guestbook - Independent Commerce
    The icGuestbook is a free classy, clean designed guestbook that you can customize. Includes powerful approval features.

Globalguest Free Guestbook Service
    Get a free guestbook for your webpage and customize it with options such as background wallpaper, back link, midi music, text colors, email notification and language filter.

    With Guestbook from MyComputer.com, you can easily collect visitor information and allow them to give you feedback on your site.

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