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Top : Web design : Usability

Humane Software
    It is easy to design software that does not meet the needs of its users. All we need to do is to leave the end user out of the design process.

Alertbox: Jakob Nielsen's Column on Web Usability
    How to write for the Web, intranet vs. Internet design, GUI design vs webdesign, response time limits, WebTV usability, why frames suck, multimedia guidelines, small sites as Web's killer apps, style...

Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines (HI Guide)
    This site contains a lot of information on user information design. Has a focus on the Macintosh computer, but also more general subjects.

Software Usability Research Lab
    Service division of the Human-Computer Lab of Wichita State University. Provides usability testing, UI design, and HCI research for software development companies. Some very interesting articles on usability of web sites.

User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
    This document provides guidelines for designing user agents that lower barriers to Web accessibility for people with disabilities (visual, hearing, physical, cognitive, and neurological).

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