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Top : Web space : Free hosts

Angelfire Communications
    All home pages, 200 kB (5 MB with popup ads), online editor, FTP upload (complicated).

Welcome to Swiftdesk.com
    Swift desk offers the following completely free services: bookmarks, file storage, web site hosting, planner, & email. Swift Desk is your portable and complete communication center. Make your deskt...

    Web Hosting Lunarpages.com, offering Free Webhosting, low cost webhosting, domain name registration, ecommerce and web design.

    Unlimited Bandwidth and 100mb of Free Web Space. We also offer easy to use File Manager and online editor, Browser Uploads, Free Domain Name such as .name .biz .ly, etc.

    Moonfruit's free service easily lets you build your own interactive web site, create an on-line community, discuss, debate and organise group events.

    All sites, 20 MB, frontpage, asp, ms-access, (sub)domain, (web) e-mail, FTP.

The Icestorm Network
    All home pages, 3 MB, online upload, CGI, e-mail forwarding, tech support.

    Offering 30 megs free for personal, business and experimentation. No ads and few restricitons. Perl-CGI, TCL and Python are available for all to use.

Above World - Free Webpage Hosting
    All web sites, 25 MB, ftp and web upload, online editor, pop e-mail, chat, guestbook, banners on all pages, domain hosting (http://www.yourname.com).

Fortune City
    Private home pages, 100 MB, pop e-mail, online site management, online editor, FTP upload, neighbourhood setup, banners on page.

    All home pages, 50MB, online upload, online editor, cgi access, guestbook, forum, submission, banners on all pages.

1Hwy.com - Short url: www.yourname.1hwy.com
    20 MB, FTP and web upload, web mail, online editor, guestbook, counter, forms and more. Subdomain (http://yoursite.1hwy.com), banners on all pages.

Internet For Life
    cheap web hosting, Free Home Pages, free merchant accounts, search engine submit, dedicated servers $225 month, 24/7 800 tech, cgi scripts, user control panel, $5.00 hosting,.

Bran Promotions' Free Web Pages (UK)
    Private home pages, 100 kB, e-mail upload.

    Private home pages, online editor, graphics library, banner at bottom of page.

Tripod Netherlands
    Private home pages, 12 MB, FTP access, online editor, banner at home page and pop up windows.

Free Site Network
    All home pages, 20 MB, POP e-mail, FTP upload, banners top and bottom of all pages, subdomain (http://yourname.fsn.net).

SpanCity Webspace
    All home pages, 2MB, ftp and web upload, webbased e-mail, online editor, cgi access, banners on all pages, url forwarding.

    All home pages, 25 MB, web upload, online editor and file manager, banner ad and buzzlink logo on all pages.

    All home pages, 3MB, FTP access, CGI (PHP, JSDK 2.1, JSP 1.0, JSSI, WAP, SSI), banner ads on all pages.

100 Megs Free Web Hosting
    100 Megs Free web space with unlimited bandwidth, subdomain, templates, guestbook, forum, and much more.

    Netfirms provides free web hosting small business owners with free webspace, e-mails, cgi-bin support..

Portland Communications
    All web sites, 15 MB, 100 MB transfer max, ftp upload, cgi access, e-mail forwarding, subdomains (yourname.portland.co.uk) and full domains (www.yourname.com). no banners or popups.

Fate Back
    60 megs, unlimited hits/bandwidth, ftp access, file manager.

SN FreeWeb
    All home pages, 5 MB, counter, FTP access, BBS, CGI access, POP email, ad banners on all pages.

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