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    Part of the graphics in these templates has been taken from public domain archives. These sets were often very incomplete, none had any html file with them. All html files were written from scratch. I added at least half of the graphics to make the sets complete. Partially by editing existing graphics, often by creating new ones. Some templates were created completely from scratch, they are marked with a copyright notice.

    It goes without saying I put a lot of work into it. The templates are free for you to use, for any application you may see fit. The only requirement for you, is to leave the button link and link at the bottom of each template intact. They link back to this website, so others may find these templates too.

    These sets may not be redistributed in any way. The html files are copyright © Gerben Hoekstra. The added and edited graphics are too. The original sets are, upon request, available without these restricions. If anyone should feel any of the graphics are his legal property, please contact me with legal proof, and I'm sure we'll work something out.

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