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  Large files
    Make sure your page is not unnecessarily large. Sometimes you see pages with 150 kiloBytes or more of text. I have seen some server statistics files of over 20 MegaBytes. Often this is an attempt to make previously existing texts accessible via the internet. At the beginning you will find a menu with links to places further on in the text. On the page itself you will often encounter links to other pages.
    Every time the page is requested, you are forcing about 150 kB over the internet. If your visitor is not helped with the page content, the bandwidth used is totally wasted. Every time you go back to the menu on such a page, your browser has to rebuild the page in its entirety. This will take very long, even if the page is already in the browser cache. Your browser may crash on it in some cases. Never use this this method.
    If you have a lot of text to show, split it to several pages. Make them so long you won't have to scroll more than two or three times. If you get many pages this way, make a separate page with a main menu. Put a link to this main page on every sub page. You'll notice this works much easier and more comfortable. You'll waste less bandwidth in the process, your visitor will only view what seems interesting to him.
    A page will often consist of more than just text. At the very least it will contain a number of images, sometimes sound, video or multimedia. These all have in common they are very large. Especially video and in a lesser extent audio. For a minute of video you will need at least 15 MB. Only use them when you really need them. Never use more of these files than strictly necessary.
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