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      You probably read it somewhere. Possibly on a cork board at work or at school. "If you haven't got anything to do, please don't do it here". I would like to apply this to the web a little differently. "If you haven't got anything to say, don't say it here". If everyone would comply to this motto, the web would be a lot more interesting than it is now.
    A home page is nice. But what do you put on it? A nice story about yourself, your hobbies, your work, dressed up with a photograph of yourself. A few links to Netscape and a few search engines, some animated GIFs, a counter, and there you have your average home page. The sad thing about this is that hardly anyone will be interested. Apart from a few friends and acquaintances perhaps.
    Your life is very important to you, but probably very trivial so someone else. Unless your name is Pamela Denise Anderson, or Shaquil O'neil. If presence on the web is the only goal, save yourself the trouble of making a page. Just go surfing the web. I don't say you are not allowed to say something about yourself. But only put it on the web as a part of a site that is interesting to others.
    Almost anyone has something more to say than who he is, where he lives and works. It would indeed be a very sad thing if you didn't. If you have an interesting hobby, than write something about it. Should you have a special profession, tell a bit more about that. Add something to the web, make it more interesting. There are too much uninteresting and boring sites as it is.
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