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      Something which seems to concern an amazingly small number of people, is copyright. Two thirds of all software seems to be illegally copied. On the internet this may even be worse. I think it is safe to assume the majority of images on personal home pages is stolen off another page. Sometimes they are public domain. But most of the time someone has worked many hours to make it. Just to see it copied on several unknown pages.
    You can of course very quickly make a web site this way. You grab some nice images off the internet, copy a few great pages here and there, put your own name and e-mail address on it, and there you are. As long as you are making a simple personal home page, this may to some extent be acceptable. But if you are serious about web publishing, make everything yourself. Only then you can be really proud of your own work.
    Of course you may look at other people's work. If you find a page you like, copy it to your hardiest, including its graphics. Study the source code, and wonder what you like so much about the page. This way you can get ideas for making your own work. Do not make the mistake to copy the page and adapt it with your own text. Just start with a blank page and build it with the newly acquired knowledge.
    A disadvantage of copied work is that your site will never have a kind of unity. The graphics are made by different people, the text is written by different writers. It will stay a jumble of loose parts, lacking coherence. If you make your own site, it is your work. It will radiate something of your personality, your preferences, your taste.
    If you made your site yourself, make it noticeable by signing your pages. Put your name and copyright notice on every page. You may even include a page on copyright. A lot of people won't be rebuffed by this, and will still try to present your work as their own. But at least you did your best to make them feel a little bit guilty about it.
    About this site: I made all pages by myself. I wrote the text and made most of the images. Therefore this site is my property, as well as everything on it. You may copy some parts of it, but only if you mention that I am the author. Also you have to make a direct link to my site, and e-mail me about this.
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