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web palette

Portrait of Gerben Hoekstra JPEG
16,7 million colors
5095 bytes

This image has been used as a basis. This image makes clear why photographs are usually in JPEG format. It is the smallest file and renders the best result.

Portrait of Gerben Hoekstra GIF
10 colors
2653 bytes

This is what happens, when a non optimized jpeg picture is displayed on a 256 color screen. The image is barely recognizable, only 10 individual colors are left.

Portrait of Gerben Hoekstra GIF
256 colors
Adaptive palette
22948 bytes

The best result is acquired with an adaptive palette of 256 colors. Watch the file size. Nearly four times as big as JPEG.

Portrait of Gerben Hoekstra GIF
256 colors
system palette
13383 bytes

The system palette decreases the image quality a bit. The image gets spotty and the fine lines are lost.

Portrait of Gerben Hoekstra GIF
216 colors
Web palette
14091 bytes

The web palette, consisting of both Windows and Macintosh colors, the result is almost equal. But this way you can rest assured the image will be displayed properly on both systems.

Portrait of Gerben Hoekstra GIF
16 colors
system palette
7229 bytes

This will happen if your video card cannot display all necessary colors. The image is recognizable, but shows strong dithering. The same phenomenon will appear if you show a 16 or 24 bit color image on a 256 color (8 bit) screen.

Portrait of Gerben Hoekstra GIF
256 colors
Wrong palette
24256 bytes

In some cases palettes may conflict. As well a system palette or two graphics with different palettes can cause this.

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