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      The internet has become increasingly popular. The number of users is increasing very rapidly. According to the latest data, the number of web surfers is doubling every five months. For some reason enough to say the end of the internet is near. I think however this is just the beginning of the internet.
    The internet itself is over twenty-five years old. The basis was laid in 1972, when the ARPA net connected four universities in the USA. For years it has been a popular way of communicating to scientists all over the world. In recent years the internet has gained a lot of interest outside the scientific world.
    The World Wide Web has been invented by one person: Tim Berners Lee, a scientist at CERN. He is now chairman of the World Wide Web Committee (W3C). He was investigating ways to make large amounts of data accessible. Without using complicated software, computers and connections. He found the solution in plain text files, which we now now as HTML. These files can be read by any computer, regardless of its operating system. The hyperlink was thought out to connect the information.
    In 1993 the NSCA developed Mosaic. This was the first graphically oriented web browser. Until then you could only surf the web with text browsers like Lynx. After that many others followed. The best known is Netscape Navigator, an acceptable second is Microsoft Internet Explorer.
    With the arrival of a graphical web browser it suddenly became possible to show images. You could also do a lot of things with text, that previously were impossible. This made the internet interesting for a very large audience. It really took of when the media discovered and hyped it. It became a buzz word, everyone seems to be talking about it nowadays. It suddenly became interesting to advertise on the internet and to invest large amounts of money in it.
    The current infrastructure lags behind the fast increase in use. You may have to wait very long if you want to view something. Some interest groups are propagating a separate net for universities and scientific institutions. This because the current heavy use of the internet makes working very difficult for them. Some people have predicted the internet would break down in 1996 due to the tsunami of traffic. It has not happened thus far. Telephone and cable companies are currently investing a lot of money in high speed connections.
    With the interest for the internet a tidal wave of information has come upon us. Every self respecting company wants a web site, and every user at least a home page. Only then the web seems to become real. This is not so difficult to do. You'll need no more than a few hours to master basic HTML and concoct a simple page. It often goes no further than that. Most people don't seem to have a clue about what is needed to convey information properly. You'll need a lot more to do this. And that is the subject of this site.
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