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      Web design requires a lot of knowledge in many areas. Copy writing, graphic design, creativity, screen layout, chromatics, predicting human behaviour, captivating people, programming, interactivity, are all important subjects. Any web designer should at least have a basic knowledge of all these.
    You may have other people do certain tasks. But in the end you will have to make a unity of all loose parts. If you are just making a personal home page, you will have to do everything by yourself anyway. This makes web design a quite unique industry. This makes it very interesting, but also quite difficult to master.
    Take your time to think things over. Watch how other people have solved certain problems. Ask other designers how they did it. Why they did what they did the way they did it. Most of them will gladly help you. An e-mail won't cost you anything and is easily sent. If you want to do something you have never seen before, wonder why that is.
    Make use of other people's services. There are a lot of people out there willing to assist you for free. Just because they like to do it. Or to get their name or a link on another site. I have often seen pages of graphic designers, that make free banners or logos for non commercial sites. Some software has wizards for making buttons and banners. Think about Websuite, Netobjects Fusion, Microsoft Image Composer. Copy writing is not everybody's line of work. If you are troubled by this, ask someone else to write for you.
    If you want to do everything by yourself, take the effort to learn to use the necessary software. Surf the web and study sites on web design. Go to your local library and read about the subjects you know too little about. Make sure you master the language of the web HTML. Try many different things. Make home pages for friends to get experience.
    Practise makes perfect. That also holds true for web sites. Only by making many pages and often updating them, you can master the profession. There are enough meaningless sites on the web as it is. There are too many badly designed pages to be seen. If you make a better site after reading my pages, an important goal of this site has been established.
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